What are your 2019 Strategic goals and objectives?

If your 2019 Strategic goals and objectives include meeting any of the bullet points below, become fully informed about how the proven CU Lending Edge platform can help:

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  • Are you planning to increase loan growth? 
  • Increase Member Growth? 
  • Reduce pressure on internal resources? 
  • Decrease Expenses? 
  • Improve Member Service?
  • Automate Manual processes? 
  • Outsource Operations? 
  • Consistently Attract Quality Refi’s? 
  • Implement, or improve your current Point-of-Sale Program to consistently pass exams and audits with flying colors? 
  • Increase your bottom line? 
If you have struggled in the past to meet any of the above objectives and/or you are uncertain how you will meet your strategic objectives in 2019, you need to give us a call. A number of your Credit Union colleagues have discovered the advantages of CU Lending Edge – You can too!

Here’s a quick summary of what CU Lending Edge is all about…

  • “Capture Your Members” automatically at Point of Sale (i.e. Dealerships, Retail Stores, etc.). Stop losing your member loans to other lenders!

  • “Build your custom, quality, auto-decision criteria and pricing” with multiple decision iterations to capture the loans you want…24/7!

  • Easily “Build Risk-Pricing metrics and stipulations into every loan decision, assuring high quality and competitive pricing on every loan.

  • Never take a loan you don’t want. Capture exactly the loans you want and build consistent quality loan volume through the power of aggregation;

  • “Automatically and Accurately decision loan apps in seconds”, saving your staff and members tons of time and resulting in greater numbers of loan capture!

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CU Lending Edge provides Credit Unions an automated lending platform that can safely and cost-effectively be utilized for Direct (internal) as well as Indirect (Point-of-Sale), on the web and integrated into your mobile delivery systems. CU Lending Edge is unlike any other in the marketplace, expanding your member and loan acquisition channels to safely and consistently increase and maintain quality loan volume. Created by Credit Union Executives for Credit Unions, the CU Lending Edge platform outperforms every other Loan Origination System(LOS). From our Credit Union friendly pricing, to a true aggregated system, to the fully customizable automated decisioning and pricing, we are ready to help you achieve your lending objectives.

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Several more CU Lending Edge program advantages:

  • Any Credit Union, of any size, in any market, with any field of membership can cost-effectively capture and increase their market share of quality loans.

  • Capture and fund more existing member loans, automatically at the point of sale (dealerships, retail stores, etc.) with confidence…24/7!!

  • Achieve your new member growth safely, effectively, and profitably – The ultimate Business Development tool.

  • Customized decisions and pricing for each lender and each loan (only capture the loans you really want, focusing your time on approvals).

  • Fully interfaced with Dealer Track and Route One – We’ll cut your DealerTrack and RouteOne costs in half!

  • Built-in fraud detection and loan packaging processes assure you only fund those loans that meet your exact funding criteria – You never take a loan you don’t want, to get loans you do want!

  • Increase consistency, standardization of loan decisioning and packaging eliminating exceptions and limiting audit/exam issues.

  • Build and maintain sustainable quality loan growth resulting in net growth of and maintaining your bottom line.

  • Opportunity to aggregate with multiple CU's in your market to build your own, proprietary Indirect program (you can actually own the market) to consolidate resources and save time and money!

The system can be utilized individually or in collaboration with other Credit Unions for Direct and Indirect Lending. Instantly automate up to 90% of your loan decisions improving loan quality and consistency, loan decision times, and ultimately Member Service. The system is also a perfect fit for phone center staff, improving response time and consistency, and minimizing transfers and lost call opportunities to better serve your members (can also be adapted as a consumer/member automated web-based interface).

See why other Credit Unions are joining us and how they have consistently increased their loan volume and quality with absolute confidence!

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