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Lendsys, LLC is dedicated to building an exemplary product that works like nothing else on the market. We work with individual lender clients and customers, as well as loan aggregator and dealer partners, to provide state of the art loan origination and decisioning platforms that are both automated and granular, customizable and scalable.

Walt Agius, CEO

Walt comes from an extensive background in lending. He was the CEO of a $100MM+ Credit Union, and also operated a Credit Union-owned auto dealership. He was always searching for software solutions to help the financial institutions he worked with grow their loan portfolio, while also improving the efficiency of the lending decisioning process. His search for software that met those requirements came up empty, so he worked with a team of experienced lending staff and software developers to design an automated loan decisioning platform that is robust, scalable and unique from anything in the marketplace today.


Lendsys is that program. It was designed and built from the ground up to specifically address and close the gaps Walt experienced in other loan decisioning software. The resulting initial prototype software and operating platform were created between 2008 and 2010 and went live in 2011. Lendsys is more than just a Fin-Tech software solution. It’s part of a commitment by Lendsys staff to help financial institutions of any size or charter to tackle their lending challenges – including achieving increased efficiency at reasonable costs, without ever sacrificing loan quality. As an advocate for the financial community, Walt also speaks at a number of financial conferences annually, always with a focus on helping financial institutions of any size to grow and become more profitable. With multiple day-to-day client interfaces, Walt and his team are constantly learning and finding new ways to make the Lendsys platform better.

David Berver, Principle managing director

With extensive Credit Union background in all areas of operations, but primarily in lending. David’s 20 years plus of Credit Union experience covers managing Branch operations, along with responsibilities of developing and managing an Auto Dealership CUSO. He has an extensive background in all facets of indirect and direct lending, from underwriting to program software design.  His full range of experience and background brings both the lender and dealer’s perspective.

David joined Walt in developing the Lendsys platform as well as in developing the CU Lending Edge program, an aggregated lender and dealer program that serves over a dozen Credit Unions in several markets nationwide. Today, while still actively engaged in the operations, David is primarily involved in the software design taking the lead role on the ongoing systems development side of the business.

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Continued Enhancement

Our staff includes full-time developers, real loan underwriters who are working on the system every day, as well as high level financial institution-experienced management, who work with our client base daily to continue to help update and adapt Lendsys to meet the changing conditions of the lending process, and to scale with our customers’ business needs. We are dedicated to ensuring that our customers obtain maximum benefits from our software. Our ongoing objective – continue to deliver a highly efficient, quality technology solution, staying one step ahead of the market, all the way!

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