Back in the day, banks would offer gifts, like toasters or t-shirts, as incentives to attract new customers. These days such promotions seem quaint, but the mindset behind the strategy is sound. Marketing and promotions are essential to growing your customer base. The strategies listed below are especially effective in helping your bank stand out from the competition.  

Give Your Bank a Human Face
While it’s true that online banking and ATMs have radically changed the banking experience, tellers, loan officers, and other bank personnel are still essential aspects of your operation. Leverage your workers as a way to give a human face to your institution. Highlight their expertise and experience as an aspect of promoting superior customer service and a personal touch. 

Partner with Colleges and Universities
Many college and university students are out-of-towners and don’t have an established banking relationship. Partnering with local colleges and universities provides your bank with the opportunity to gain many of these students as new customers. Establishing a strong presence on campus, through a physical branch, seminars, and online programs, allows you to cultivate relationships with young people and help them develop healthy financial habits. 

Leverage Technology
Today’s banking customers are tech savvy, especially those in younger demographic groups. They expect features such as online banking and mobile apps – and if your bank doesn’t provide these features, you’ll lose customers to institutions that do. However, it isn’t enough to have a static website or a minimally functional app. Ensure that your online banking functions and mobile app features are interactive and impactful.  

The key is to leverage technology for tasks that can be automated or handled routinely, while preserving the energies and efforts of your staff to perform face-to-face and phone services for your customers such as individual financial counseling. 

For more strategies on how to market your bank, or to learn more about how to leverage technology and automation to improve your bank’s overall customer service, check out our website or give us a call to schedule a specialized demonstration of Lendsys software. 

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